June 1, 2018
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June 24, 2018

I’ve always preferred movies to books.

I can almost hear the scandalized gasps from readers all around the world.

I know. It’s an almost given that book lovers prefer the books of movies to the movies of books. However for me, the opposite has just always been true.

My first comparison of the two was a long time ago. Few weeks after watching ‘a walk to remember’ (during which I bawled my eyes out), I discovered the book. I was both thrilled and filled with dread which as we know is the best feeling in the world when it comes to stories. So I delved in, eager to relive the unique dynamics of Landon and Jamie. A few chapters into it, I tossed the book aside- figuratively since it was an ebook on my phone. I did close the ebook quite abruptly. I was so annoyed.

In the book, Landon Carter was not the suave bad boy with hidden depth that I fell in love with. Instead, he was a nice, boy-next-door type. It wasn’t that the Landon of the book wasn’t an all-around cool character. I’m sure in a completely unrelated scenario, I might actually have liked him. But in this case, he wasn’t my Landon.

And so the book went into the DNF pile.

I thought this was a fluke because I’m a book junkie. Something had to be very wrong with me if I preferred the movie to the book. Right?

Then came the fault in our stars, another movie in which I sobbed my heart out. Completely out of curiosity, I read the book and compared it. It was better than a walk to remember since most of my favorite scenes were intact but still, it was … meh.

At this point, I was beginning to suspect that something was wrong with me.

More recently, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon ‘Stardust” by Neil Gaiman. I remember watching and loving the movie some years back. So I was quite baffled when I couldn’t even get to the halfway point. I really really tried but still, into the DNF pile it went.

At this point, I gave up on trying to force myself into a box. I realized that more than books, I loved stories. I guess for me, it depends on which story I get to first. I mean next to Ansel Elgort, pretty much everything seems like crap.

And sometimes, especially in the action, thrillers and crime genres, the movie can bring the story to life more than the book is. I sure as hell prefer to see and hear explosions rather than read ‘Boom!’


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You know the frustration of watching a movie and not being sure what the characters are feeling? This can be especially hair-spitting in rom-coms. In novels, we are able to get into the character’s head rather than just relying on what they say or do. We also get to know what they don’t say. While in movies, we can miss signs or subtle actions that are monumental, in books such signs are obvious.



This is something I’ve only noticed recently. I’ve been reading and watching movies a lot the past week since I was finally able to get a weeks off school. I’ve been desperate to keep boredom away. With novels, I can be out for eight hours straight but with movies, in under three hours, I’m bored again. I don’t know if it’s a weird one but it has really been grating on my nerves. Though I’m sure when school starts in full swing, I’ll appreciate the short nature of movies.



Ever had a story ruined for you because of the way a character looked? This happened to be in fifty shades of grey. I just didn’t think Jamie Dornan looked like a Christian Grey. He just looked entirely too everyday for me. Less sinister than I would have imagined him to be. (Now Ian Somerhalder. That’s a sinister looking guy right there. Perfect for the role in my head). Jamie Dornan’s face took some of the enjoyment out of the movie for me. And the enjoyment was minimal to begin with. This is actually one story I’m almost certain is better in the book than the movie. Even for me.


God, I hate it when a perfect story is anything but because of bad acting. What seems like sizzling hot chemistry on the pages gets lost on the way to the screen because of bad acting. Beauty and the Beast used to be my favorite fairytale until Emma played the part of Belle.




Because humans are a fast paced species. We’re in constant motion and when we need a quick escape from reality, nothing works better than a movie. On school nights, I’d rather watch a movie than read a book. Because with a movie, I won’t be tempted to stay up till 4 a.m. Also when I have only a short break e.g. a one-day holiday, I try to get in as many stories as I can so I’d rather watch 4 movies rather than read one novel.



Ever attempted to read a book with someone reading over your shoulders. Maybe it is my social anxiety talking but that I could never endure that for long. But with movies, everyone can get in on the actions. Which is why going to the movies remains an awesome option for a date or a friendly outing.



Especially when the book contains a great number of academic words or long winded sentences (Stardust). It also takes less concentration to enjoy a movie which granted just means that sometimes I’m lazy but sometimes it’s necessary for the wheels in our brains to take a break and let the imaginations of someone else come to life.

Some people are book people and never watch movies. Others are movie people and ‘Don’t read’.  For me, both books and movies have their place in my life. They are both greatly entertaining.

But I just can’t help it. Movies of books over books of movies. Just a little. But that’s just me.

So what if my fellow book-lovers have read all 9 Harry Potter Books? I watched all the movies in under 2hrs each, which gave me more time to devour other stories. Ha!

So am I the only book-lover that prefers movies of books to books of movies? Comment below about which you guys refer and why? I’m also having a poll on twitter. So get in on that.

Alright, it’s the end of the post which means:

So at the end of each post on this blog, there will be writing prompts created from something within the post to stimulate your writing muscles and mine. You can make short stories, poems, whatever from them.

If you like, you can send a copy of any work you write from any of the prompts on this site to as long as it’s not too long. I’ll return with honest feedback. The most interesting works would also get published on the blog (with permission and giving due credit) so yay for free publicity!!!

SO today’s prompts:

Choose a movie that you love that was is not based on any book. Now, write a novel length story based on the movie. Remember that you need to create even the parts of the story that a movie can’t portray.

Choose a movie that you love that was is not based on any book. Now, write a novel length story based on the movie. Remember that you need to create even the parts of the story that a movie can't portray.Click To Tweet

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