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April 12, 2018


Which do you guys think is harder?

a) Cramming a month’s worth of class notes in two days

b) Fitting 6 people into an uber that fits only 4

c) Writing the first post for a blog you just started

If your answer is anything other than (c) then you are so wrong!

I laboured over this post for days, wanting to usher in this blog with pizazz but not wanting to overwhelm you all with the full force of my craziness…uh, awesomeness.

I’ve always been really bad at introductions- and good byes and apologies and…actually I’m really bad at human interaction in general but introductions are especially hard for me. But as in real life, I will soldier own with clumsy awkwardness and hope for the best.

My name is Joanne with a double n and an e (you’d be surprised how many people get that wrong).

It’s been two years and four months since I’ve wanted to blog, a year and eleven months since I started my first blog no1nerd@wordpress.com. It started with an impressive two or three posts a week but quickly fizzled to one in two months and then to nothing at all.

Looking back, I wonder what went wrong. I guess I wasn’t ready to prioritize my writing despite writing being as fundamental to my well-being as breathing. Blogging was just a fun hobby, something to keep me busy until life really kept me busy. I was okay with the five followers I had (sad, I know). Truth be told, 80% of the problem was fear. I was damned terrified of letting anybody read my work. I didn’t want to deal with the criticism. But mostly, I didn’t want to let people in. It was so bad that I wouldn’t even let search engines feature my blog. Because no matter what, we come alive through our writing. We say everything we’re scared to say in real life. We expose the inner workings of our minds, the most vulnerable parts of us for all the world to see.

I wasn’t ready for that.

I’m still not ready for that.

But I’m so tired of waiting to be ready, to be good enough. I’ve finally realized that I’ll never think I’m good enough. Maybe I’ll never even be good enough. But the way to get better is not to hide from the criticism but to square my shoulders and face it head on.

To be a writer is to be vulnerable. I’ve accepted that.


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So to celebrate this, my first blog post since I decided to woman up and put on my big girl pants, I’m treating myself to a cup of chocolate, the way I’ve always done to celebrate big milestones in my life. Who needs a blog launch party right? When I can just whip myself a cup of creamy goodness and enjoy it alone, on my own, just me… (Yeesh, this is getting sad).

But really, some milestones are just so big you keep them to yourself because no one else would understand just how huge it is.

So here’s to hoping this is the first of many congratulatory cups of chocolate shared with you guys.

What milestones have you guys recently had? How did you celebrate? Please tell me in the comment box. Also tell me how I did with this first post. I’d love to hear from you..




Alright, it’s the end of the post which means:

So at the end of each post on this blog, there will be writing prompts created from something within the post to stimulate your writing muscles and mine.  You can make short stories, poems, whatever from them.

If you like, you can send a  copy of any work you write from any of the prompts on this site to thisgirlblogs@gmail.com as long as it’s not too long. I’ll return with honest feedback. The most interesting works would also get published on the blog (with permission and giving due credit) so yay for free publicity!!!

SO today’s prompts:

Imagine you walk into starbucks and everything is broken, tables upturned, glass everywhere. At the corner of the shop is an intact table with five people seated around it: Two men, one woman, a teenager and an elderly person. You notice one of them is dressed like a celebrity and another like a homeless person. Write a short story describing the events leading up to this bizarre scene.

#thisgirlblogs.com.ng #Prompt Imagine you walk into starbucks and everything is broken and a mess. At the corner of the shop is an intact table with five people seated around it: Two men, one woman, a teenager and an elderly person. You notice… Click To Tweet

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